Laura Moyers Biography

Written by Award Winning Author
Marie Hooley

Although Laura Moyers was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, her family moved to Ft. Worth when she was 4 years of age and then settled in Altus, Oklahoma. At 15, she first demonstrated her musical talent as the pianist for her father's church. By her sixteenth birthday, Moyers had immersed herself in the creative process of writing and performing original compositions which then led to over two decades of public appearances at various opry houses, weddings, and receptions.

In 2000, Moyers released the single, "Christmas in Red, White, and Blue," which featured the plaintiff voice of Madison Kidney, one of Moyers's students from Sunflower Elementary. Moyers donated all proceeds from the single to the Gardner Kansas Fire Department, giving it the means to purchase an infra-red imaging device. This device is of utmost important because it allows firefighters to "see" through fire in order to rescue.

In 2005, Moyers turned her attention toward a national need. She completed a number of patriotic songs to be released on her first compact disc, "Soldier's Tribute," which was released at the end of November 2005. Upon the release of "Soldier's Tribute," Moyers quickly found herself in demand as concert bookings picked up, demonstrating just how effectively both her words and music touched the lives of those called to serve in the military. Part of her inspiration came from sharing her life with Chris Moyers, a man not so different from those in her music as he was almost deployed in 2005. It was the news of such deployment that drove Moyers to write the title track of the CD.

Moyers uses her music and voice not just to lift and inspire those with ties to the military. First and foremost, her songs are about the human experience: love, joy, and even tears. She is also very committed to the real inspiration behind her music when she says, "This isn't about me….It isn't about how much money can be made. It isn't even about how well I can or cannot sing. It's about what we do with the short time we are given while we are on this earth. My prayer is that I live my life pleasing my Father in Heaven."

Although it isn't about the money to Moyers, she knows quite well what that money can accomplish to benefit others. Sales from the CD have helped numerous organizations. Her performance at Fort Campbell's Memorial Day Remembrance in 2006 raised $500.00 for the "Wounded Warrior Fund." Hometown Concert in Altus, Oklahoma, amounted in a $500.00 donation to the Armed Services YMCA. Sales of "Soldier's Tribute" have also allowed her to give $1150.00 to the Leavenworth Army Service Food Voucher Fund and $300.00 to Support Our Troops and Vets (SOTV) in Platte City, Missouri.

Aside from the bustle of concerts and fundraising, Moyers also gives in another important venue—she teaches music to grades K-5 in the Easton Kansas School District. While Moyers enjoys having fun with the students as they learn, she also recognizes her responsibilities as an educator, and she would be the first to say that only half of what she does as a teacher is about music. The rest comes out in what she represents as a role model, something she learned very early as a proud parent to her daughter, Tiffany.

Laura's CD's are available through: Borders Book Stores, Hastings, The Book Barn as well as online via our contact page.