"Laura -- wanted to thank you for setting a wonderful “tone” with music for our National Prayer Breakfast last week!"

"You are a brave lady, even after a sore throat, to lead us as you did.  Your special selection was especially touching and I always enjoy “God Bless America.”  I think music has a way of doing things in our hearts and spirits that words can not.  Thank you for using your gifts to make a difference at such a special event as our prayer breakfast." 

"We all appreciated you sharing your talent with us that day.  If there is anything my Team or I can do for you please let us know."

Best to you -- General Caldwell

"Thank you so much for the entertainment during our Air Force Sergeants Division Convention in Kansas City in April 2007. Our delegates enjoyed your program. It gave them an opportunity to donate to the organization founded by Edie Prost, "Support Our Troops and Vets". We enjoyed and heartily endorse your program and we agree with your effort to support the troops."

Willa Hyde
Convention Manager

“Wow! What a Great Performance last night Laura!  I only wish that I would’ve had you perform 2 songs instead of one!”

Julie Anderson
Riverfront Community and Convention Center Manager
2005 Leavenworth Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

"I got your CD and was very impressed!!!  I wish I had heard it before I wrote the story!  What a voice you have!!!  Also great compositions!
You may be interested to know that I had your CD on my ipod and I had it on shuffle one day.  I was very homesick riding on a train between Manchester and London and your song "Freedom's Bird" came on and it brought a smile to my face, thinking of returning to my homeland.”

Mark Taylor, News Editor
Gardner News

"What an unbelievable tribute to the soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice! Laura and Dene gave a touching performance. The words to their songs touched the hearts of all in attendance. What a beautiful way to celebrate Memorial Day!"

Kelley Ebel  
 2BCT( 502 Regiment) "STRIKE" Brigade FRG Advisor 
“2006 Memorial Day Performance”

“Thank you so very much Laura.  You and Dene were fabulous and so generous with your time, resources and talent.  Bless you both, the band and your Chris, too.” 

Edie Prost
Founder, SOTV Support Our Troops & Vets
2006 Platte City Missouri “End of The Trail Festival”

"Laura did a great job for our church services.  Her spirit and voice touched our church people!  In fact, we enjoyed having her so much, we invited her back for another service.  We would recommend Laura for your church services or other group meeting." 

Pastor Kevin Matias
First Baptist Church, Leavenworth Kansas

“Thank you so very much for what you have done for our troops at Altus Air Force Base through your wonderful concert Saturday night.  Everyone has been telling me how fabulous the music was, and how professional the show was!  I thank you both with all my heart."

Joan Wilcoxen
Altus Armed Services YMCA Executive Director 97 MSS/DPF
2006 Freedom Concert, City Auditorium -Altus, Oklahoma

“Laura, I was just going to let you know how much we all enjoyed having you sing at our church this past weekend.  You were awesome!  I loved it and I'm sure everyone else did as well.  You are a very special person with a lot of talent.  You really touched everyone's heart when you sang, because it was from your heart.  I appreciate your kindness in coming to perform at our church.  Charlie, the puppet, was a big hit during the children's sermon.  The children, as well as the adults, loved it so much.  Keep up the good work in what you are doing.  You are touching a lot of lives.  Thanks so much.”

Cheri Allen
Easton United Methodist Church

“I’m listening to the CD I bought at the PX, and wonder when/if/where you perform. I enjoy listening to your CD.  Your voice is clear and sharp, a soulful sound that reminds me of Tanya Tucker.  Thank you for a great performance and for your support to our Soldiers!”

Scott Schmidt
LTC, US Army

“You were Stunning!”

Stephan R. Francis, GS-13, DAF
Chief, Airlift Aircraft Division
2006 Altus Oklahoma Concert ASYMCA

“Thank you to you and your staff for a heartwarming, entertaining performance Saturday night!!!  My husband, an Air Force retiree who participated in the first Gulf War, was particularly moved by your meaningful lyrics and professional delivery.
I enjoyed the talents of Dene, Bill, and, of course, your Mom.  Each of them gave their all.  The children certainly added vitality to the show.  This was down home entertainment at its absolute best!
Your willingness to give of yourself and come to Altus is greatly appreciated.  All funds will be used for Altus Armed Services YMCA programs.  I’m glad the world has caring people like you!”

Theresa Gardiner, GS-12
Director, Family Support Center AAFB

“My husband, Jim, and I heard you sing at First Baptist Church in Leavenworth, and we bought a couple of your CDs. (it is a terrific CD)  One CD is for us, and one for our son who has just returned from Iraq.  We have told several people about your CD and some have heard it, and now they would like to get one. God has given you a wonderful gift Laura.  You have a beautiful voice.”

Pam Westmoreland
Budget Analyst
Leav./Ft. Leav./Ft. Scott
National Cemeteries

“Thank you for an album of songs for our GI's. 
I have played nothing in my car since I got this album.   I even went and got one to have in the house rather than have to make a trip back to the car to get that one.  Also, have gotten them for my sister, daughter, and a friend.  You have done a beautiful job - music, words and your voice.
I have a number of albums of patriotic music, but none that are for our GI's.  If you write more and record them, please let me know.
Also, if you record other songs or hymns, I would like to know where I can get them.  Your voice is so easy to listen to and so enjoyable.
Thank you for caring about those that protect us.”

Susan Hammack

“My name is Paul Kittle.  I am a pediatric dentist here in Leavenworth and a retired Army Colonel.  I met you when you performed for Rotary last year.  I subsequently have bought a number of your CD's for friends and 1 each for my boys who are both in the Army. Your words and song hit very close to my heart.
Thank you for all you do for our soldiers and their families.” 

Best regards, 
Paul Kittle

“AWESOME!!!!!! What a blessing to the soldiers and families. What a great cause!!! I am so happy to hear that your CD raised that much money. Thanks for sharing this info with us and sending the picture as well. Thank You!
Have a great day...the birds were singing this morning...It is the Lord's, let us rejoice!”

Della Klaasen and family

"I just picked your CD up today.  It is very good, you did an excellent job.  I picked one up for a mom of a soldier that is with my husband and 2 other wives are going to pick it up.  You did an excellent job with this."

Ashley Wehr
Wife of an American Soldier

“Your CD came today.  You have an excellent pop voice and your country crossover style is very pleasant. I was listening down at the store and the office manager from the Tune Shop came in for a book.  I told her I was reviewing a CD for a signing.  She asked who it was and acted completely blown away when I told her.  So now you know you have two more fans ;)”

Bob Spear
Editor and Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews
CEO and Publisher, Sharp Spear Enterprises
Co-Owner, The Book Barn-Leavenworth Kansas

"Thank you so much for sharing your great talent with us at our Autumn Tea.  The songs were wonderful.  Both young and old were so entertained by Charlie.  God Bless you in all you do."

Peggy Gillaspie
Springdale Home Missionary Society