“Personal brush with overseas deployment inspires CD to benefit soldiers”
Kansas City Star
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell  

“When Moyers received the news about her husband’s pending deployment, she did the only thing she knew to do. “This was really difficult for all of us. People deal with things differently,” Moyers said. “I coped by writing a song for my husband.” The result was a tribute to James that ended up being the title song of her CD, “Soldier’s Tribute.”
Moyers played the song for Melva Rapp, a friend at Blue Valley Baptist Church, where both attend services. “I’ve enjoyed her music in church and I’ve felt for a long time that she should move ahead with her music,” said Rapp. “I told her, the world needs to hear your music.” Still Moyers didn’t think of the CD being a commercial release. “I just wanted to package it up and send it over to the troops,”she said. "But my husband and I decided we needed to send money to the soldiers instead.”

"Deployed husband urges wife to record songs, CD picked up by Borders Books and Music"
Fort Campbell Courier
Staff Writer-Tiffanie Witt

"Through her popularity within the military community, Moyers was asked to perform at the 2nd Brigade Combat Team Memorial Day ceremony May 25.  She sang songs from her CD that addressed dreams of being a soldier, sacrifice, freedom and thanks.  She also performed a song that was not on her CD, "When I think of you" which is dedicated to military wives and the devotion they have for their husbands."Her conviction to support the military at this time is overwhelming and heartwarming.  Her song "Band of Brothers touched our hearts and brought many tears," said Kelly Ebel, (2nd BCT commander's wife).  "Laura's message is filled with gratitude of the service and sacrifice of all military and their families, and what better time for this message than Memorial Day."

“Teacher’s love of man and country is catalyst for CD”
The Sun Newspaper Overland Park, Kansas
Staff Writer-Mario Sequeira

Behind the release of the patriotic CD “Soldier’s Tribute” by school teacher Laura Moyers is a story of the power of love for man and country. The story kicks off in early September when Moyers learned that her husband of 18 years and the love of her life, James Christopher, an intelligence officer in the Army National Guard had been called up for active duty. They were in a motel in Jefferson City, where James was attending a National Guard Drill. James had faced possible deployment many times before in his 18 years as a Guardsman. But this was the first time the Army had given them a date. “I will never forget that (date) as long as I live,” Moyers said. “It just hit me: He’s going to go. Your heart just sinks.”

“Album expresses gratitude to soldiers”
Olathe Daily News, Olathe, Kansas
Staff Writer-Kevin Selders

“I wanted this album to mean something to our soldiers. I wanted it to speak to their hearts. Words just don’t seem adequate enough at this point.”
The former music teacher at Sunflower Elementary recorded the CD with 10 original songs at Low Key Productions in Blue Springs Missouri. The recording contains elements of country, gospel with patriotic/religious themes.

“Music to ease Iraq ills”
Gardner News, Gardner, Kansas
Editor-Mark Taylor

Former Gardner teacher Laura Moyers hopes her new CD will bring peace and healing to those who have loved ones serving in Iraq.
“Speaking to the mind of a soldier is important to me, but speaking to his heart is what really matters.”
Moyers, the daughter of a Baptist minister grew up playing and singing in church. She was inspired to write and record “Soldier’s Tribute" for her husband who is a military intelligence officer in the National Guard.

“Local woman to release patriotic CD for troops”
Leavenwoth Times, Leavenworth, Kansas
Times Staff Writer-Kristen Sullivan

Music is not simply for entertainment—it can have a healing quality. This is one of the reasons is has become such a vital part of the life of Laura Moyers.
Many of the songs Moyers has written address the sense of loss that is created by having a loved one overseas.
“My prayer is that our soldiers and their families know that their sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed,” Moyers said.

“Thanking the Soldiers”
Altus Times Democrat, Altus, Oklahoma
Staff Writer-Sonya Ray

“I think her heart is in the right place on this,”Rushing said. Laura says that the CD is not about the war, its about our soldiers, she has the right motives. She loves her country and appreciates those that are fighting.